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Thread: Looks like a very good Bellet,117,piazza book?

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    Looks like a very good Bellet,117,piazza book?

    Greetings denizens of the ISUZU corner.
    I just stumbled across this book in an ebay store I frequent, and to me it seems like a very good reference book..albeit in Japanese. I have bought many times from this seller (his name is Satoshi) in my quest for Prince & Skyline info and found him to be an excellent trader.
    Just thought I'd let those most interested know!

    Best regards,

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    ^ I've got one and it is a very nice book! A bit too much Piazza imho though! :lol:

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    Very good book.

    Covers Piazza, Bellett GT, and 117 Coupe thoroughly. Given the lack of really good text on Piazza, and the time the book was published providing much better access to that part of the history which would soon be lost, the little extra Piazza coverage is justified and all the more valuable for historic preservation.

    It is in Japanese only.

    The item price is a little above the suggested retail of the publisher, but, the shipping cost is a fraction of what it would be through a online bookstore, Amazon Japan, etc. So the total cost is a very sweet deal.

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    I have just purchased an 84 Isuzu Piazza and am look for as much info on it as possible.

    Any hot links?

    I may put pics up later in the week.

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