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Thread: Car Communication Land Pit (Small shop in Tenpaku)

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    Car Communication Land Pit (Small shop in Tenpaku)

    So, I've been trying to hunt down the owner of a derelict and forgotten Mitsubishi 360 (more info on it here: viewtopic.php?t=8589). Through asking several people it turns out the tract of land that it's sitting on is owned by a shop not far from here in Tenpaku called "Car Communication Land Pit." I know, it's the silliest name I've heard for a shop too, haha! I went by there today hoping to get in contact with them about the car but they were closed, so I snapped a few pics and thought I would share them up here!

    The field.

    At the shop.
    The sign out front.

    Pretty Celica.

    Here's a few cars I've never seen before.
    Honda Vamos I believe.

    And a Subaru Sambar!

    Pretty small shop so that was all they really had sitting around.
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    That Sambar pickup is the cat's pajamas!

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    exactly! and I wouldn't mind having it

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    Maneuver car

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    Re: Car Communication Land Pit (Small shop in Tenpaku)

    wow amazing cars, i luv this page

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