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Thread: 22R swapping an E70- info?

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    22R swapping an E70- info?

    Basically, I have a buddy with an '84 Celica GT that has served him well for years. He loves the thing, it's the car that sparked my interest in JNCs originally, and it had been through hell before he got it, and it may finally be done for. It's been rear ended twice, the first time hard enough it buckled the quarters and the doors wouldn't close, but some pulls against a tree fixed that, but this time it may well be fuxxored.

    There's an automatic E70 wagon for sale locally for a few hundo. It's fairly clean, but mechanically it's a mess. It's been for sale on and off for a few years. Right now, my friend is looking into buying that Corolla, and swapping his 22RE/5-speed into it.

    Has anyone else R series swapped an E70 before? Are there pictures/info for this? How difficult would this be?

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    it has been done before, but i dont think it is a popular swap...

    reason being; a Corolla, is an E-series chassis uses the A-series and T-series as in the 4ac and 2tc/3tc....

    the Celica, being an A-series chassis uses the R-series here in the U.S... in japan, they use T-series, but are usually using the 2tg or 3tgte...

    the reason why it isnt a popular swap is because for the amount of work that you would be putting into this swap, would be more work than just swapping in a 2tg or built 3tc. you'd have to change the motor mounts, possible tranny mounts, the crossmember if i remember correctly, because the R-series motors are rear sumped oilpans...
    the R-series motors have much more torque than the T-series motors... but T-series revs alot higher. both engines are SOHC.. the R-series motors are 2.4L while the biggest T-series motor would be the 3tc which is at 1.8L.
    if you are going to swap in a R-series motor, it should be either the 18rg or 22re/22rte (just cuz theyre EFI and the rte being turbo)
    but if not, your better off getting a 4ag

    but again, try to find some other opinions, i may be wrong about the tranny and crossmembers.

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