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Thread: 2.6 I4 Engine Oil Leaks

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    2.6 I4 Engine Oil Leaks

    Hello - this is my first post in the Mitsubishi Forum (usually I lurk in the Toyota Forum).
    I have owned since new an '88 Ram50/Mity Max Sport Cab (extended), 2.6 Federal with MT and no PS - pretty basic truck. It has only 101K miles. The AC is non-operative.
    The engine's head cracked at 84K and the whole engine was replaced with a Jasper-reman (no balance shafts, I was told by the installer).
    Despite a less-than-satisfactory installer, the engine has worked fine over the last 17K miles.

    Recently, however, it has developed a pretty good oil leak on the intake manifold side. I have the "real" Dodge/Mitsu FSM, and it seems that the only spots for it to leak on that side are the cam cover, the balance shaft chamber cover, and the distributor - although I may have missed something.
    The distributor apparently has no gasket, per the FSM, and I'd think that if it were loose it would be pretty noticeable in funny noises and weird "performance."
    So - has anyone here had a similar experience with this engine?

    Please note that I am not lazy, but since I have another car to use in the meantime and it's snowy and cold and wet outside (no garage), I have not yet really looked the engine over.
    I am mechanically adept - my other car is an '86 Tercel 4WD Wagon upon which I have done much work - and am also a moderator of the Club, at

    Thanks for your advice.
    Tom M.
    P.S. Not a complete noob on the truck; I have installed F&R shocks and all new brakes front and rear, plus a MC and all new lines, which were a real PITA - just waiting for the proportioning valve in the back to disintegrate from rust...

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    Does the engine have a mechanical fuel pump? The earlier ones do and can develop a nasty oil leak if the bolts are loose or the plastic spacer is cracked.

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    AH !
    I am embarrassed to say I had not considered that. ops:
    The pump is mechanical and is the OE 1988 pump.
    I will have to clean the block and check that as well. Dunno if this qualifies as an "earlier" one, but your suggestion makes sense.
    Will report back when it gets a bit drier outside.
    Tom M.

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