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Thread: Supersexyhot ra25 celica!

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    Supersexyhot ra25 celica!

    So this morning I was going through some old magazines of mine and I found this amazing celica that I totally forgot about, in my feb '03 issue of " young version"

    I don't have a scanner so you will have to deal with pictures of pictures.

    super awesome! I love the aero infront of the rear wheels, and that it dosent have side skirts, old school cool.

    I'm not sure if you can tell in these pics, but it has that awesome clear nose cone/duct/headlight cover dealie. And the low profile mirriors are super legit.

    yes please.

    that thing is a work of art.

    wheel specs are 13x8.5 -12 et in front, and 13x9 -18 et in rear, with 185/70-13 advan a032's

    very cool steering wheel, it accually has the "teq" Toyota logo on the horn button, but it might be a sticker or somthing, does any one know of trd or tosco made a steering wheel like that?

    That's all for the pics, hope you guys enjoy!

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    did enjoy that (but would've enjoyed a scan much better)

    btw, the japanese pronounce it "yungah behsha"

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    Ha ha thanks for the tip, and yeah, sorry about the fuzzy pics, but my computer is down so im just using my phone for now.

    Also that car has "" stickers on it, I was wondering if anyone has any info on that shop?
    I think its a body shop or something, but I googled it and dident come up with anything, I bet they made some pretty cool cars.

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