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Thread: Wheel stud part numbers, KE30/TE31

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    Wheel stud part numbers, KE30/TE31

    Hey, just throwin this out there to possibly save some hassle while I switch to longer studs to accommodate some aluminum rims.

    Does anyone know the stud part # for the disc and drum hubs?
    It is a 1978 corolla.

    Help greatly appreciated... not having to pop them out and not be able to drive to the parts shop would be sweet.


    Here is a photo of the non drum stud, maybe the drum is different, probably.

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    Do you have Mitsubishi Sigmas/Magnas over there? Probably any other late 70's 80's mitsubishi.

    You can get longer studs out of those. Depending on what you have now, roughly 8 - 100 mm longer. Just take a punch and knock them out at the wreckers

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