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Thread: Best radio for cheapest price---- $28

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    Best radio for cheapest price---- $28

    Now, I don't claim to know much about head units, but the way I see it is that good speakers and amps are what makes the car. So, why buy a fancy looking head unit that someone can steal out of an easy to break into a Nostalgic car? So, here is the solution: ... e/11973975

    Now, it may look ugly, but that is the point. Who the hell would want to steal it? You can hide speakers behind a door grill so no one sees how good they are but a head unit is more obvious. Amplifiers can be hidden anywhere. Plus, if you were a thief and saw this head unit in a Nostalgic car, would you bother to break in? If most people are like me and listen to an iPod 90% of the time, then this is perfect because of the 3.5mm jack in front for the iPod. What else do you NEED in a head unit, not WANT?

    ZERO threat someone will break in for your $28 stereo head unit

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    i had planned to get something like that for my car to replace the stock head unit in my 77 dat's but i didnt com across one and was also planing on getting one of the modern but vintage looking head units that they make for the old American cars by Custom Autosound but i fund them to price for the fact that they looked old (but i guess that the point) but i just got a kenwood head unit and put it in my glove box but got tired of leaning across and leaving the glove box open to see the unit so i just took the stock one out and cut the hole out and placed the kenwwod behind the dash (sorta). and it look ok put to give it a more stealthier look i sprayed the kenwood face black and sharpie most of the chrome one the kenwood (sorry no pic on it yet to show you guys how it looks blacked out)... but the dule should do the job just right and just hook up an eq to it to get better sound out of it and also to make it a 4 channel setup (with apms of cors)

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