This is my 84 Cressida.. which is now gone, due to noisy lifters. Yeah, I know I shoulda fixed her, but at the time I was low on cash. I shoulda posted these pics when I had her. She gave me alotta good times while my S13 was parked... She was supposed to be my 2nd drift car. I had plans to switch her to manual, but I guess it wasn't meant to be. If it wasn't for my Cressy, I wouldn't have found this site.

Well, JNCers enjoy the pics(sorry for crappy phone pics). Below is what I had done to her:

15x7 Old school Racing Hart Cybers
16X7 American Racing Twisted Tuners
2 in drop all around
JDM GX61 Cresta side skirts
Kamei rear spoiler
Japanese Mark II emblem
JDM Bosozoku hangrings(if you look closely.. you can see 2 on the inside)