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Thread: 4G63T Differences between Auto and Manual ??

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    4G63T Differences between Auto and Manual ??

    Looking at doing a 4G63T into my challenger, have to get another tranny from a D50 w/ a narrow block, aside from that however, what are the differences going to be since the car will be a manual transmission, and the donor car is an automatic with the 4G63T in it, are there any crank differences as well ecm and harness vs the manual transmission? Thanks guys.

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    scappoose, or
    turbo is a 9a instead of a 14b also. I belive there is a minor difference in the harness

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    The general layout of the auto and manual engines are the same.
    The differences you will find are,
    The manuals came with a TD05-14G turbo, 450cc injectors and a low pressure fuel regulator.

    The autos had a TD04-13B turbo, 390cc injector and higher pressure regulator. Depending on what car you source the engine from the automatic camshafts are milder.

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