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Thread: JNC Magazine from 1969!

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    JNC Magazine from 1969!

    So there is this bookstore near where I live called Takahara bookstore that is absolutely famous for being the bookstore to go to for car related magazines. I swing by there every so often to drop 50 bucks or so on car stuff. This time though I was wandering around and noticed that they had one magazine called car graphic that took up the entire bottom shelf and spanned an entire wall. I pulled one out and was amazed at what I found. They have every issue of this magazine starting from the mid 50s!
    This is the bookstore:

    So, fearing the worst I looked at the price tag of one of the magazines. 10 bucks! I snagged up two, one with a "new" Z31 road test from December 1983. And the one that I took pictures of, the road test of the "new" 1969 Nissan Skyline 2000 GTR.


    First page

    They cover some Formula 1 stuff

    Car shows

    GT Racing

    One killer skyline article!

    They had quite a few spotlights on cars, here's a few more random pics

    And one awesome advert! ;P

    Got all of these in high res (high enough to read the Japanese) on my pc, if anyone wants em send me a message and I'll email them to you!


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    Hey! Nice find David. The old copy of Car Graphic is gold!!It's probably a good thing I can't "just drop in" to that bookshop. ( picture me sitting on floor in the isle for hours searching for Prince & Skyline motorsport history!) If you find any other older bits like that please feel free to share..I'm always interested!
    Car Graphic looks to be the source for all that would interest me, from the 1963-1973 era. Pity I can't read Japanese, but as a friend said "At least the pictures are in English! :lol:
    A little off topic but I have just picked up a new book from the people at Car Graphic, a sportscar profile (No.5 in the series) on the Prince/Nissan R380 through to the R383. An absolute must for Prince/Nissan motorsport fans. Link below for a looky. ... _rhf_p_t_1

    Regards, Jim.

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    Sweet find David, I'd heard of it but never saw it for real, thanks for sharing!

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    awesome man! i found some american mags with japanese stuff in them a while ago. pretty cool!

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