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Thread: AE71 Auto cross build

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    AE71 Auto cross build

    I got this baby for free so i have the mind set of nothing to lose when i started with it, tryn my hand at some fabrication an engine swap. I wana try an put in a L28e, Iam not sure It has been done before so I will post when i start.

    [img]<table><tr><td></td></tr><tr><td>From Drop Box</td></tr></table>

    coulnt find any ae 71 parts in the pull a part in tacoma so i had to be crative with the chop saw an a trip to harbor freight

    [/img][img]<table><tr><td></td></tr><tr><td>From JNC</td></tr></table>

    I was guna puy it in endurance race before i fell in love with the dam thing

    [/img]<table><tr><td></td></tr><tr><td>From JNC</td></tr></table>[img]<table><tr><td></td></tr><tr><td>From%20Drop%20Box</td></tr></table>%20theses%20seats%20are%20one%20of%20the%20b est%20junk%20yard%20finds%20ever%20just%20gota%20f ix%20one%20seem,%20pulled%20them%20outa%20a%20old% 20toyota%20sr5%20tercel%20wagon%20i%20think[/img]<table><tr><td></td></tr><tr><td>From Drop Box</td></tr></table>

    in side aint much to look at, guted cause it was trashed fab up a steering wheel outa a old RX7,junkyard find

    <table><tr><td></td></tr><tr><td>From Drop Box</td></tr></table>

    didnt come with a key so i had to rig up a push button, It really makes you feel like a BAMF to have a push button start, dont know why, oh and my home made long throw shift, welded in a shifter out of a old pick up,thanks again pull a part, and the plate was on the car when i got it so i recycled it

    an the soon to be removed 4a-c with a weber carb and home made catch can
    <table><tr><td></td></tr><tr><td>From Drop Box</td></tr></table>[/img][img]<table><tr><td></td></tr><tr><td>From Drop Box</td></tr></table>

    traded my wii for a set of 7 inch PIAA fog lights, i think it gives a bit more rally credit, was pretty easy fab but the wire tuck was a bit tricky, guna post some better pic, the chin spoiler is home made. Took it off a 240dl volvo hade to cut 12inch out of the middle of it, not sure if iam guna keep it on. An if an one has a set of spacer the convert 4x114.3 to 4x 110, let me know! I found some nice Old 13X7 gold mesh enkei's i wan throw on[/img]

    so it was time to make a proper fuel cell this weekend, this car had been sitting for 6 years when i got it so the tank and lines where all rotted. and being as i was no stranger to making my own tank from previous derby car and back road bomber builds I went to work. up till now i was using a 2 gallon gas can i found in my grandmas shed( on right)
    , very anoying to have to fill constantly but it was kinda novel to show people, and i was already running an electric fuel pump out of a 91 crx ( wired to the dimmer switch for my dash lights to regulate fuel pressure). Found a good deal on a boat gas tank, 20 bucks on craigslist, and went to work.
    new tank on left old on right

    fuel pump welded to flange from tank

    new tank in ready to roll!

    and a pic of the fog light, now working

    and since i dont use the tank i shaved the door.

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    You should come out and autox it with me and some of the boys over @

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    Funny you should mention that, I caught word of an auto cross team on a different thread an they told me to talk to toyota mike over at. PSTOC, just joined they need an auto cross thread! But yeah I wana come out an auto cross, maybe join the team if iam any good, I worked a couple rally races and it was fun so imagine driving would be even better

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    I really dig it. Lovin the rally look.

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