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Thread: A57c GTO . Help !

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    A57c GTO . Help !

    Hey guys , really in dire need of some weather strips and replacement rubbers for my 74 gto. These aren't available in nz and I can't seem to locate them anywhere else? Does anyone have a contact email for Mitsubishi in Japan or someone that would re make the factory spec rubbers ? Thanks in advance ! (:

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    Mitsubishi NZ should be able to tell you what is available ex Japan. Do you know the part numbers of the parts you want? The door rubbers, front and rear screen rubbers are no longer available from Mitsubishi. Be very careful about the screen rubbers that pop up on ebay as for some the depth of the recess for the glass is too shallow, which leads to them ripping when you try and fit the glass in the car.

    The drip line weather strips that run across the top of the side windows were available 2 years ago. The left side part number is MA155090 and the right side part number is MA155091. Rarespares has a replacement for the GC/GD Galant coupe that could be used, but it's no where near as good as original. Rarespares also have the door rubber seals, but again not as good as the original as they are not moulded at the ends.

    The brush weather strips that run a top the doors and rear quarter where available Sept 2014 as I got some then Mitsubishi NZ. Part numbers: LH door MA164407 or MB069723, RH door MA164408 or MB069724, LH rear MB069725 and RH rear MB069726. If you can't get those you can always just replace the brush part and reuse the metal part. I have used a self adhesive polypropylene brush for this job in the past, which I got from a company called Firepro in Auckland. I think their part number was SAB11.88?

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