FJ20ET engine from a DR30 Nissan Skyline. Under 50,000 km on this very hardy and capable Nissan engine that can happily put out more than it's rated 205hp (I was planning on 300 to the wheels). My neglected project 610 wagon won't be touched for at least 2 years, so I'm selling the motor to a better home.

I have the Motor (slightly higher compression than the S12 FJ20), intake manifold (better flowing than the S12 version), engine harness, twin scroll exhaust manifold, 5 spd Transmission, Gasket set (intake, exhaust, valve cover, head, etc), an OEM FJ20 water pump (no need to modify an L series pump, this is the real deal!), alternator, PS pump, AC compressor, OE throttle body and larger Throttle body, Exhaust manifold flange (for making a custom manifold), new Centerforce dual force clutch, DR30 intercooler piping, and more.

This swap is lacking a few items I sold to help some one convert their FJ20E to an ET. I was planning on a major build so these were not important to me. They are are the leaky OE turbo, injectors, and ECU. What I have will make for a great custom built as I had planned or a spare/builder for some one already owning a FJ20.

Items not included in my price but can be added if interested are: brand new intercooler specifically made for Datsuns, and a KA24DE transmission (bolts up to FJ20 motors).

Located in Cedar City, Ut (southern Utah). May be willing to deliver Northward to Salt Lake City or South to Las Vegas.

Will consider trades for a healthy KA24 (E or DE) swap +cash to put in my 521, or a winter beater 4x4 or AWD vehicle

pm me for further info & provide a # if you'd like me to call you, thanks.

I'll take some pictures with a better camera and post them when I have a chance.