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Thread: update on my 76 corona

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    update on my 76 corona

    hey guys, been a while and i wanted to give you all an update on my car.

    ive since had all the emmissions bs pulled out. the egr, vsv, smog pump set up.

    ive rebuilt the stock carb, and have seen a good improvement but its still not what i want. weber carb is on the way.

    also, have any of you 20r guys ever developed a leak in the gasket in the lower part of the intake manifold? ive got a slow coolant leak coming out down there. im just gonna swap out intakes instead of trying to screw with a new gasket.

    also ive cut out my spare tire well (it was pretty rusted anyway) to make room for my dual muffler set up. ive also run 2in pipe all the way back.

    and i took out my little dash cubby hole and installed a stereo and some new speakers.

    pics should be coming soon.


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    8) Waiting for pics.....

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    Re: update on my 76 corona


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