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Thread: My Celica From France

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    My Celica From France

    So now I'm introduced myself, let me introduce my Celica.

    It's a 1979 french Celica ST powered by the common 2TB with 86hp.

    I firstly would paint it with Curtiss P40 colors but a friend told me "Hey!!! it's a japanese car so please choose a japanese plane!!!" that's a reason why I choose the Zero and I like it now. I painted myself outside in my garden.

    86 hp for road use it's ok but to go on trackdays and drift sessions, it was a little bit low. Swap are difficult with laws in France and easy to see.
    So I choosed to make a mix with a 3TC and I suppose I have now the only "3TB" in France.
    Specs :
    - ported and polished head with OEM valves
    - double valve springs with titanium retainers
    - rocker arms stoppers
    - reinforced pushrods
    - Crower camshaft (with a oil jet on the distributor gear to avoid problem)
    - tunable camshaft pulley
    - home made cover in the front cover (based on a Yamaha TW125 pulley cover)
    - Wiseco high comp 3TC pistons 86mm (1811cc) 11,1 : 1
    - Molnar Rods
    - ARP bolts everywhere
    - 3TC crankshaft
    - stainless 4 in 1 3TC manifold
    - Mikuni Solex 40mm with aluminium trumpets
    - Megajolt Edis 4 ignition
    - Aluminium big capacity oil pan.
    - Spal electric fan
    - Oil catch tank
    To do :
    - oil cooler with fan
    - oil TC and pressures sensor/gauges
    - AFR sensor/gauge
    - home made air box
    - WEBER 45mm to replace Mikunis because 40mm alloy only 34mm venturies and I need more air/fuel

    Actual power : 125hp => 175hp lot of tuning

    On the chassis I have only fitted AE86 D2 coilovers (fitted with AE86 front lowered springs on the rear)
    I will fit RX7 calipers or brembo calipers.
    I would like to fit all parts I can from the Techno Toy Tuning Catalog
    Priority is the LSD so don't know for the moment which one I will fit because the ratio is very long 4.3, I need shorter.

    Wheels are SSR Star Formula 14" I ordered used in Japan. I will perhaps paint them gold or perhaps change to 15".
    I will try to fit black fender flares.

    Interior is original for the moment but I have the hub to fit a sport steering wheel, I will fit some race seats but I have a very important accessory : the disco ball on the mirror...will no win power but fun

    There is still a lot of work to do but it's now well advanced.
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