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Thread: 1977 MAZDA B1600 restoration

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    1977 MAZDA B1600 restoration

    Though I am new to the forum, I am not new to the Japanese market of pickups. I've owned both a 1976 Datsun 620 (bought for $300 and sold for $1000), and a 1972 Datsun 521 (bought for $300- sold for $1200). I grew to love both of these trucks and gleaned a lot of knowledge from the ingenuity, design, and maintenance of both. I made the regretful decision to sell them and have kicked myself for letting those two pickups go. Both were bought cheap-destined for a scrap yard, and after dedicating numerous hours and dollars into getting them buttoned down and back on the road they went on to other owners (both of which still drive them around today).

    After several months of self-loathing, I happened upon a craigslist ad that showed a Mazda b1600 for sale for $700. I made the trip to chat with an older lady who was in possession of the truck and knew that it was too good to let go. After a walk around, and noticing that the floor pans held a significant amount of rust, I was able to talk her down to $300. Must be something about that number haha. As luck would have it, she mentioned that her son had recently got it running, but it needed a little more work to get it road worthy- such as brakes and carb cleaning. I drove it up onto a trailer and the plans for restoring it were already filling my head.

    Here she was on day one.
    IMG_1257 (1024x768).jpg
    IMG_1271 (1024x768).jpg
    IMG_1277 (1024x768).jpg

    Here's a shot of the inside
    IMG_1258 (1024x768).jpg

    And passenger pic of floor pan rust.
    IMG_1269 (1024x768).jpg

    Hope to add more as I go. Already ordered a ton of parts including: brakes, new spark plugs/cables/dist cap/rotor/points, carb rebuild kit, engine gasket kit, battery, vacuum hoses, radiator hoses, etc. Buffed the old red and brought out some of the shine as well. Enjoy- hope to learn as much about this pickup as I did the others in the months ahead
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    Some more pictures- and I do apologize for the small sizes (still trying to figure this forum out).

    Decided to get rid of the rear sticker, which was surprisingly easy. Turns out the previous owner had put on some cheap tint, and placed the sticker on top. Easy fix.
    IMG_1280 (1024x768).jpg

    Fiance getting involved in initial cleaning. Glad she is as excited as I am about "The old rusted truck"
    IMG_1284 (768x1024).jpg

    Engine bay to be cleaned
    IMG_1287 (1024x768).jpg

    Found this as a makeshift 'rust patch' from previous owner. Sadly- caulking and a crushed Mountain Dew can just doesn't cut it.
    IMG_1293 (768x1024).jpg

    Little buffing brought out some color- yet left some of the sun faded patina.
    IMG_1283 (1024x768).jpg

    Please comment, let me know what you think-
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