Hi guys,

For several reasons i Need / Want a MK63 SUmitomo brake for the SOLID disk for my 240Z. Now the Thing is vented type calipers are available used and even in replica form in good numbers. but to find a solid type MK63 cailper (for the non-vented disk) is almost impossible.

Now i'm wondering: Does anybody now the difference? is it just the space between the calipers for the bigger disk or is anything else different?

If only the space is differnt wouldn't it be possible to buy a set of calipers for the vented disk and just mill off the difference between vented and unveted disk between the two caliper-halfs?

Or am i totally wrong? Seems like a great solution to me at the Moment but i'm not very experienced in this filed so maybe you can give me some pro's / con's or anybody knows where i can get a set of solid type MK63 calipers?

I know there are other Options but i'm in switzerland so all the other Options are not working together with FIA regulations and the local law.