Hi. Long time lurker, but also long-time fan of this type of car. I currently have an '86 Corolla GT-S that I consider finished with JDM bumpers, T3 suspension, original paint (partly faded, dings and all). I bought the car in college and proceeded to do the majority of the work myself.
I recently picked up a Datsun 1200 that was sent to a shop in SoCal to install an F20C. Well, the shop didn't deliver on timelines and I got a call from them out of the blue saying I had to pick the car up. The car is at a friend's shop in SoCal and I'm basically put a freeze on it as I am currently distracted by a '76 Mazda 808 with carb'ed 13B swap that I am converting to RX3 nose.
I've attended JCCS in Long Beach in 2013 and the most recent 2015 show.
I'm here to learn all I can from the community.