i would like to weigh in with my opinion on the RX names applied to mazda cars. I was around for this
so here goes. as you know Capella and Savanna were the Japanese official names. Before export, dealer networks etc were being established and Capella just would not cut it with the US buyer. The Capella
was known as Capella Rx2 in Japan, referring to Rotor times 2 . Savanna Rx2 etc. well at the time Jaguar was promoting the "X" and someone suggested appling it to the mazdas, thus Rx3, Rx4 etc. I dont beleive
that Matsuda , president of the company, a real car guy would approve of using Jaguar X designation
but it happened. and so too nissan came around to Z cars etc. my opinion for what it is worth and thus
i use R by 2 As username.