Quick intro. Proud owner of a 1990 Toyota Soarer 2.0 GT-L, 5spd. Shopped for a while as finding a 5spd that is factory, not converted was no easy task especially with the w58 trans. After I found it, 1 month on a boat, countless calls back and forth with customs, filing, etc. and bam, arrived in North Carolina. Better shape then expected, great paint, no rust, strong motor..etc. Took a couple drives to get use to making left hand turns with a RHD car in the states but, no problem now. For a "boxy" old car kind of surprised the attention it grabs. The more I comb thru this car, I'm just amazed of the great condition of hardware, advanced electronics (love the digi dash with floating turn signals) It's only 25yrs old but, I feels like it was the prelude to many design tech ques. Strong period for JDM cars in my opinion.

Anyways, I've owned older nissans, couple race builds, might import an 71-73 celica.

Here's some photos of the rig during shipping, finishing full maintenance and detail then I'll post current pics