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Thread: What are my steering wheels options on the Legend?

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    What are my steering wheels options on the Legend?


    I now have the 92 Legend.

    As with the previous Audi Coupe,the steering wheel is from a Plaxton Bus.
    I dont like this,no,no I dont.

    I was wondering if the NSX had cruise and if I could rob one of a breaker,as I know of a few places breaking them.

    Im thinking Im stuck with the cruise module being integral on the wheel.So,as I want to keep the cruise,Id need the NSX wheel to have this too.

    Can anyone help?Perhaps this post is ideally meant for a more appropriate,newer car orientated forum.Iam aware this might upset some people here,and offer my apologies if it does.Maybe if it does,then someone can suggest a place where this kind of question would be more suited...


    :tu: :mrgreen:

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    Moved to Honda Garage section.

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    Im not sure if it is what you are looking for or not, but the 87-88 Integra Special edition came with a leather-wrapped steering wheel with cruise buttons....might work on your Legend.

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