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Thread: Isuzu Bellett forum - up and running - Join today!

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    Isuzu Bellett forum - up and running - Join today!

    Hi people,


    Recently a couple of friends of mine (neither of whom are on this forum) decided that a Bellett forum was well overdue.

    Another friend, on this forum as '1600GT', has also harboured a long-term vision for a Bellett website.

    So we stuck our heads together and got something set up! This new forum has NOT been made in respose to the recent chat on this site regarding the need for an Isuzu section - we came up with this idea before we became aware of those discussions!

    So please join up if you have a Bellett or just a healthy regard for them or other Isuzus of their ilk. We're going to put up some tasty brochure scans and some owners cars and hopefully the more the merrier!

    Other sections may be added as demand arises but for now the focus is Belletts and Bellettness in general!

    Thus far, we've only got 6 members and one of them is 'testuser'! So don't be scared off by the fact it looks a bit sparse - it's BRAND NEW!

    While it's catering to Aussie and NZ Bellett owners... it is for anybody who wants to share the love anywhere in the world!

    Check it out at:


    Get on board!



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    awesome, finally a forum about them

    i just picked my bellett up for free from my mum so i need to know
    alot of information!

    cheers monica:]

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