I don't know why I don't spend ALL of my time on here? I signed up a while ago, but only browse by once in a while. Usually it's an image found in google that leads me back here. I'm a friggin' nut for old J-tin and although I live insanely poorly (less than $5000 a year income) I've managed to own quite a few.

Here's a little bit of a recap of alllll my cars. However, in total I've owned 8....ae86's.

Currently I have two, a 13B powered '87 Sr5 coupe, and a rare '84 SR5 "sport".

Bad Apple: 13B swap, entire car built, running, (not quite done yet) for $160 including the purchase of the car and motor swap.

$10 '84 SR5 (yes, ten)

I've also got an '87 Starion TSI, and '85 Isuzu Impulse, (both are for sale)

And some of the others I've owned:

http://speedhero.wordpress.com/2009/02/ ... eginnings/

Thanks for all the amazing photos, and interesting collections of information. Much of this will end up on my blog in some sort of rant about how I hate new cars.

<3 DQ