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Thread: How Can I paint my 4KC?

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    How Can I paint my 4KC?


    I have a KP61, with the motor on stock version, but I want painting this motor and I m restoring that...

    so I need TIPS or tell me some combination colors.. to obtain a JDM olds crazystyle... I want... or chromed parts? do you have pics? please upload some pics with diferent styles!! to obtain some ideas.!!

    I want use lights colors!! and make unusual combinations..

    please :wink: :roll:

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    Any paint shop should be able to make you color matched paint to your factory color,

    OEM+ is always a nice look in my opinion :tu:

    I did my Valve cover and intake manifold in Wrinkle Black

    As long as you get primer and paint that is rated for High temperature, you should be able to use any color you'd like.

    Good luck man :tu:

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    ohhh BP thats very nice!!!

    so I wanna Chrome the valves cap or restoring to obtain extreme shine by polish!.... :twisted:

    but my "block" can paint with this black color!! :mrgreen:

    :tu: :tu: :tu:

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