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Thread: Yesterday's Hero: Mitsubishi Lancer EX 1800GSR

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    Yesterday's Hero: Mitsubishi Lancer EX 1800GSR

    Hi mod and all Lancer EX Fan :
    below my update on my lance EX project

    Green Goblin Hiper Lancer
    Weight: 1030kg
    Engine: SR20DET
    Bore x Stroke (mm): 86 x 86
    Compression: 9.01
    Displacement: 1998 L
    Power: 413. HP
    Torque: 49.0 kgf•m ( spec 2006 )

    SR20DET Conversion
    Tomei Step2 260 Intake/Exhaust Cams(Step 3). 12.5lift
    Wah Seng Intake/Exhaust Cam Gears
    Tomei Valve Springs
    Tomei Rocker Arm Stopper
    Tomei Lash Killer Kit (Mechanical Lifters)
    Apex GT 100mm Intercooler
    Garrett TO4B turbo 360 degree thrust bearing
    Turbonetic 38mm External wastegate
    Greddy manifold
    3 inch downpipe
    OS Giken Twin plate clutch
    2x Bosch External fuel pump
    Tomei 550cc Injectors x 4
    Nismo Fuel Regulator
    5 Zigen 304 Border exhaust
    Blitz SUS Air Impulse Intake
    Z32 Air flow meter
    Calsonic 2 layer radiator
    Cusco Radiator Cap
    Lancer GSR 3.9 - 2-Way LSD

    Apexi N1 Type II Coilover
    Kayaba RS rear absorber
    Nissan Front Stabilizer
    Standard lancer Rear Stabilizar
    Nissan Strut Tower Brace
    Spot Weld Chassis
    Custom Roll Cage

    Fairlady Z32 Front 4 Piston Brake Kit
    Lancer A174 2 Piston Brake Kit

    Work Equip Wheel
    F: 18x10.5 0ffsett 0
    R: 18x12 offsett -3
    295/35/18 Pirelli P-Zero
    275/35/18 Continental Sport Contact

    Abyman Auto custom paint job
    Sejagat Front Fender conversion
    Sejagat Front Bumper mode
    Toyota Passo Side Skirt
    Sejagatt Front & Rear Wide Arch
    AE86 Rear spoiler

    Blitz DSBC Boost controller
    Apexi RSM
    Apex Power FC Drag Pro ECU
    Apexi FC Commander
    NISMO 80mm Boost Gauge
    Omori 60mm Oil Temp Gauge
    Omori 60mm Fuel Pressure Gauge
    Blitz Exh Temp
    Blitz Water Temp
    Pivot Shift light
    STI XL Reacing Seats
    Sabelt four point harness
    Sparco rally Steering Wheel
    Sparco pedal ( sponsored bt RAD )
    Nismo Shift Knob
    KAZAMA Drift Knob
    Tomei Quick Release device

    HU: Alpine 9833
    Amps: Phoenix Gold Sapphire 4 chn,
    Infinity Reference 4 chn,
    Alpine MRD-M501 monoblock
    Tweets: North Creek D25
    Mid: 2 pairs Sounstream XSC 6.5 midbass
    Subwoofer : Dual kicker 12" in boot
    Processor: Alpine 4 + 2 way e-cross model 3506

    Picture by rocky pmc :

    Others race Album :

    My contact :

    YM - sonic_3
    Mobile : 6019-350 3151
    My Full race album in Sepang F1 Circuit malaysia :

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    Quite the stylish Lancer!

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    Now there's a car that I wish we got in the US! Great Lancer and great photography too. Welcome, wadi!

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    I had the pre-intercooled Lancer GT during my college days in Japan. Loved it. It was durable, fast, and I had great fun in it off and on road. Unfortunately got totalled due to a idiot who ran a red light.

    I loved how the cars came with auxilary eye bolt holes under the rear seat for the front seats to have 4pt. seat belts.

    Great to see them preserved over seas!

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    lol, so many accessories...i think you just blew my mind

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    thanks bro for the comment .
    below is picture under my hood before painting

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    photo shooting at Smart Tunnel Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

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    Wow, this latest batch of photos really look great, nice work!!

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    nice action shots!

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    Malaysia Boleh!
    Nice car, abang
    Hidden Content Originally Posted by datsunfreak
    No Kev, you are eating a duck fetus.

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