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Thread: ~the craigslist translator~

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    Problem locally is that very few of the CL ads are written in a language that's understandable.

    "4 sell: 240sx SkyLiNe sIvLIA
    has reel gt-r moter, RB20DET!1
    good for drifeting
    maek an offer, i am higly educated so dont' waest my tiem."

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    In case that gets deleted, here's the text

    Craigslist Translation Dictionary
    Project = I have the steering wheel and a pile of twisted metal with a tree growing through it.
    Rust Free = It is a rusted out turd and um, oh the frame doesn't count
    Rare = 100,000 or less produced
    Race Car = all stock including the rear end, axles, u-joints and transmision - Snarkey Burke emailed a revised translation - no title , possibly stolen
    Nice Trim = one piece that is left on the car
    Easy Fix = floors missing along with half the parts and buyer must own a fab shop
    Turns Heads = What the crap did they do
    Cheap Fix = not to be mistaken for easy fix where buyer must own a fab shop, cheap fix is used to show seller is a retard since it is a "cheap fix" and it still has not been done.
    Reduced Price = I realized I was selling a rust free, rare, head turning car with nice trim and only a few cheap and easy fixes
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on you know who you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So I guess I'm selling the car in the pics
    that is none of the terms listed above 17k rolling and 30k turn key - thanks for looking

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