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Thread: guys, give me your thoughts on this wheel treatment

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    guys, give me your thoughts on this wheel treatment

    I'm going to be putting 15 inch 1965 Galaxie steel wheels on my '64 Fairlane and was planning on painting them (surprise) bright red but I found these pics of a Falcon on Craigslist and I'm kinda digging the white rims. I will be installing my '64 dog dish flipper caps on the Galaxie rims.

    My Fairlane:

    pics of the Falcon from Craigslist:

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    Torque Thrust II's would look

    Seriously tho...imo, the red would look better...but it's up to you.

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    Red wheels... and have whitewall tyres.
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    i am biased. here is the best tool in my tool box:

    you can tell what my decision is.

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    I like the rims you have on your Fairlane, now. They almost look like Chevy beauty ring mags.

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