I got into it a bit this summer, did one race, burned up a clutch and got laid off. I absolutely love it though. I cant say I like all the contact with these large plastic bumpers though.

I bought a 87 margay lynx ac with a piped kt100 for 500, then the next day I ran across a really nice 2002 trackmagic dragon chassis, so I ended up with 2 karts. I ran a few practice days with the margay. I liked to call her 2 wheel betty as I ended up on 2 wheels and almost flipped over a few times on the high speed speed off straight turns lol.

I started piecing together my dragon, got a used kt in need of a rebuild, and bought a new conthental mount "$OUCH". I finally got it all together and burned the old used ohrstman dxl clutch up during breakin. The clutch was leaking, and you get the picture.

So, my first race, since I was low on funds, I bought a 219 chain and a direct drive sprocket.Everyone out there looked at my funny except some of the old timers, seeing me get push started lmao. I gotta say I like the direct drive much better than the clutch even though i was only running it with a 4 hole can. The only down was people making mistakes and me having to try and avoid them in the high speed turns causing me to run off track and spin, and then people spinning into me and taking me out didnt help either.

My first practice landed me into a hatbail after overtakgn a world formula guy. They had been slowing me down a bit, and by the back straight I had just went on the outside and overotok him and he went out for the corner and must not have realized I'd closed in so fast and sent me flying into a haybail.

I figure the biggest downfall is being taken out by a spin. Sadly I got taken out or avoided crashes and spun 3 of the 4 times I was out in the track. I had been battling bad understeer all day on some very used and heat cycled bridge yja tires, and by the main, my tires gave out 2 laps in, and it was basically one suck ass drive to the finish. Bythe third lap my kart just wouldnt turn. I was snow plowing the turns so bad I had probably dropped about 8 seconds off my laptime. I was so damn pissed I almost just pitted and called it a day.

I gotta say though, I do love karting. I know other people here have done or are doing it. Any stories, pics?

Pic of right before the start, they were trying to slow us all down so much I had just leaned the hell out fot he carb to keep the plug from fowling.

Guy in the multi colored emmick, first time out, long time scca racer, he took me out on the second heat in that same corner, spun out into me and sent me into the bushes lol.

Thats how I got the name sticker bushes.