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Thread: Avatar, blow anyone else's mind?

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    Avatar, blow anyone else's mind?

    Saw Avatar on Friday... then on Saturday... and also on Sunday. One of the best scifi movies I have ever seen. 4th only to the StarWars trilogy, and only because I see them as untouchable classics . Sick movie. I saw it both in 3d and 2d, both were great, but I'd definately recomend seeing it in 3d the first time atleast.

    I wasnt going to see it at all, I was just going to wait for the dvd because I thought it was going to be a flop, and honestly didn't look entertaining to me from the previews. My friends talked me into going thankfully. It feels kind of like a vietnam movie set in space, and has the best cgi I have ever seen. The story is the best part of the movie, even though there is no way they would have been able to make the movie without cgi (I can't imagine this movie with animatronics, lol). Check it out, you wont regret it!!

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    Ditto, though I only saw it once.

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    I haven't seen it yet,thought I'd let the initial rush die down first.I prefer to see movies towards the end of their run with fewer people in the audience,and hence less risk of etiquette-challenged twits ruining the experience. I felt a twinge of scepticism when Cameron described Avatar as "a sci-fi movie with a message".When an american film maker says something to that effect it always means he's going to get very "preachy" and in the most infuriatingly patronising way possible,but my love of sci-fi far exceeds my reservations.

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    heard a lot of positive things coming out from a lot of friends who have watch the movie

    i guess its time to go to the cinema

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    I always had high expectations of it and it didn't let me down. The story is quite by the books but still enjoyable. It's all about the visuals though, they were insanely amazing. I can imagine how good it must have looked in 3D (we don't get the 3D where I am)

    District 9 is still my favourite sci fi movie for the year but Avatar comes in a close second. It's a great movie and you don't even have to be a sci fi fan to enjoy it.

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    I saw it a few days ago in 3D Imax and yes, it was awesome. I love how special effects didn't overpower the movie (random things jumping out at you for the sake of 3D). It looks cheesy from the trailers but it's an amazing feat in moviemaking.

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