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Thread: My Aussie Sherpa

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    My Aussie Sherpa

    Hi everyone!
    I bought this little gem a couple of months ago for delivering pizzas and general everyday use
    I bought it out of sheer practicality, but since then i've grown to really like the little thing and i'm now thinking of spending a bit of money on it!
    Its a 2 cylinder 660cc (EK42) engine with a 4 speed manual that moves the car along surprisingly well!! It'll buzz along at 100km/h all day
    Everything on it is still tight and clean. I'm fairly sure its only done around 130,000km.. its hard to tell because it only has a 5 digit odometer.
    Oh, and its an 1985 model.
    Anyway, on with the pics!

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    Oh, and these are the wheels i want to get for it..

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    lookin good :tu: and those rims will look great on there, welcome to the subie world!!!

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    That's nice! I have fond memories of in a schoolfriend's mum's Sherpa, way back in the day when they were new
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    No Kev, you are eating a duck fetus.

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    Welcome aboard. gotta love the Sherpa!!

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    I absolutely love the color, and the orange stripe is just icing :tu:

    I wasn't aware these were called Sherpas down under. Awesome find :tu:

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    Looks like a nice example & very endearing cars. They certainly have become very rare quite quickly & can't have sold as well as the (presumably cheaper?) Suzuki mini cars.
    Sherpa must be have much closer relationship to the 550cc Japanese REX than the 1200cc Justy. Was surprised to see a privately imported (in 2002!) 4-door Subaru Justy in a local wreaker here, looked like it was assembled in New Zealand?!

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    I'm liking that, great find there. Go the micro cars :tu:

    Word of advice, keep an eye out for leaves accumulating in the recess behind the firewall (where the wiper arm assemblies are). I looked at a Sherpa a few months back and the firewall and front inner guards had totally rotted out due to leaves being trapped in there and holding moisture.

    It seems the micro cars suffer from poor design of drainage as I have recently added a Hatch to the garage and it is suffering from the same problem as the Sherpa had. It's not the best photo, but hopefully you can see the rust prone area I am referring to, around the compliance plates and engine brace.


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    Dang. Wish I could find examples like this in the midwest! Looks like it needs to be lowered! :twisted:

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    Hmm, my car doesn't have that area on the firewall to collect leaves.. its just all open.. i can get pics if you want!

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