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Thread: 1981 Suzuki SC100 GX

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    1981 Suzuki SC100 GX

    I bought this in July this year with approx 100k miles on the clock.
    It's been totally reliable since, and have managed to do 7,000 miles so far!

    It's a great car, took about 1/4 of an hour to get used to driving it, me and missus were laughing our heads off at how mad it was inside and the noise it was making, and how small it was. Totally enjoyable 50 miles drive home, and then took it out again shortly afterwards. I gave it a wash, hoover and polish this morning:

    The rear tyre was constantly going flat, so I got the wheel ground and the tyre repaired!

    One bad thing about the car is lack of storage space, here's the 'boot', and the spare tyre and jack has to go in here:

    Tyre kept going flat after repair so, back down to the tyre place:

    Got the wheels refurbed:

    Here's some more pics (taken in the summer):

    Interior isn't perfect, I think I'll bung all the carpets/covers in the washing machine, it's clean but old.

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    Cleaning and repairing:

    987cc in all it's glory!

    As expected, I DID find some rust. The passenger footwell has some fairly severe corrosion, right through to the wheel arch:

    It hasn't penetrated the exterior, doesn't look too scary!

    Driver's side has fared better:

    Floors are just shy of A1, with minor surface rust:

    What's to blame? The Webasto. The passenger side leaked apparently. I've never had a car with a Webasto that didn't leak, how I hate the things!

    Also found two receipts under the carpet:

    One from Co-op in October 1996, and the other from December 1995. I had one from the Porsche from 1994 "Ticket machine would not accept coins" dated 1994! Like finding things like this!

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    Applied washing machine to all the carpets - they WERE dirty (judging by the black water coming off):

    All came out really clean, with that just washed smell. Ah!

    I sprayed the faded wing mirrors and wiper arms black:

    And gave the badge a crappy silver paint touch up:

    I got all the soundproofing from my garage and managed to fit it all quite nicely under the floors. I'm hoping it will reduce the amount of noise from the engine and road.

    Next up is patching those rust holes up, and possibly more mincing about with little farty jobs in the meantime.

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    pretty neat! car was also known as a suzuki "cervo" if you didn't already know :wink:

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    What a cool little Suzuki, we never got those rockets down here. Which engine does it run?

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    978cc F10A engine! It was rebuilt by the previous owner (new pistons, etc), and runs about as 'smoothly' as these can possibly run.
    It's quite horrible to drive at the moment because it's winter over here, and it has a cold interior, the heater is tiny and it never really heats the whole cabin up, but it does try! I've offered it up for swap once, but I don't think I could part with it, it's too reliable, extremely cheap to run and storage isn't a problem at all. I can't wait to get it out in the summer again.

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    That is a nifty little car there. I'm glad to see it getting some love from a devoted owner.

    Welcome to JNC :tu:

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    oh, that is so cool :tu:

    But the UK weather will only kill it ..... it really should be shipped over to Australia where it can enjoy the sunshine

    As Tim said, those little Suzuki's never made it Down Under, otherwise I'm sure I would have one of them in my garage as well :lol:


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