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Thread: Officially Official: VW buys Suzuki

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    Officially Official: VW buys Suzuki


    The Europeans just can't keep their hands off of Japanese car companies. Renault has owned a controlling interest in Nissan for several years now, and Mitsubishi is likely going to become a part of PSA Peugeot-CitroŽn. Now Volkswagen has officially announced they are buying a 19.9% share of Suzuki, with Suzuki using half of that money to buy shares in VW. They'll be run separately for now, but VW could buy up to 33% of Suzuki for a controlling share. Suzuki gets access to VW technology and VW gets instant access to several small car platforms and Suzuki's presence in India and Southeast Asia.

    And Ferdinand PiŽch finally gets that motorcycle company he's been jonesin' for.

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    I'm more concerned about the fate of the motorcycle company than the car company. :?

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    Wow, yet another. Maybe we should pass the tin around JNC and see what coin we can raise and buy them for us?

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    ^ ^
    Yeah, what he said.

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