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Thread: The word "JDM"

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    The word "JDM"

    Is it just me or what... but it is starting to piss me off these days. The word JDM is sooo misused that is really pisses me off. JDM means Japanese Domestic Market but I see so many people just using it for the hell of it. I would think JDM applies to something you can not get here like a RHD car of parts that are not officially sold in the USA like a Hakosuka chin spoiler. Every little part that is used in a Japanese car being modified is claiming JDM these days. what the hell? Am I alone or are there others out there that thing the same. SPEAK UP!

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    I agree, but i feel this has been happening for a while now... several years at least.

    I would say that a shakotan nostalgic with stuff like skinny bumpers and fender mirrors but not necessarily RHD could be called JDM. It's probably more proper to call it JDM-style, but I wouldn't fault anyone for using the terms interchangably in this case. I know this isn't what you meant, but this felt like a good time to clarify.

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    It's all marketting, my friend. How many Civics with tow hooks and unused roof racks with race parts and a severely obese driver do I see everyday? :lol:

    Makes money. Makes little sense otherwise. I've got a JDM rust conversion kit on the back of my TE72.

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    Well,everybody's free to interpret the JDM abbreviation anyway they like.Doesn't have to mean Japanese Domestic Market. Juvenile Delinquent Motorist also fits... :wink:

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoadsterViking
    Well,everybody's free to interpret the JDM abbreviation anyway they like.Doesn't have to mean Japanese Domestic Market. Juvenile Delinquent Motorist also fits... :wink:
    Just'a Dumb Moron came to mind :lol:

    But, if I can, I'll milk the JDM thing for all it's worth... At home, we live the JDM life - we use JDM mayo, JDM salad dressing, wipe our hands with JDM moist towelettes, wash our dishes with JDM sponges.... shall I go on? :lol: :lol:

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    :lol: IT'S THE JNC COMEDY HOUR! :lol:
    We're here 'till wednesday.Do try the veal!

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    I guess I too am JDM at home cause I take my shoes off before I go in the house but I know what your talking about robakun about the JDM thing.

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    I don't care, but you know what's even worse? When people refer to Japanese cars as USDM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by littlejason
    When people refer to Japanese cars as USDM.
    But most of the Japanese cars here in the US are USDM. :P

    That just means cars built and designed (and sold) for the US market only. :tu:

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    Always makes me giggle when people go "but it has to be completely stock to be JDM" (an attitude that I have come across commonly over in these parts).

    So, with the addition of some wheels and suspension my KP suddenly ceases somehow, to be sold new in Japan 28 years ago. :lol:

    Everyone interprets it differently, 'JDM' has transcended what I guess you could call it's core meaning and has evolved into an identifiable automotive subgenre... whether the purists like it or not (and yes, I consider myself a toffee nosed purist but that's just me).

    Anyway, move along...

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