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Thread: 1971 Mazda Rx2 JDM 'Sport' Coupe

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    1971 Mazda Rx2 JDM 'Sport' Coupe

    Hi all.. I'm a long time reader, but first time poster!!!

    Thought Id add up my build thread onto here - where the true enthusiasts hide. For anyone who doesn't know me or my car.. it is a JDM Rx2 Coupe with special 'Sports Kit' options.
    The Sports Kit options listed below.

    - Factory Mazdaspeed twin distributor bridgeport engine (rebuilt approx 5k ago)
    - Nippon Kakkai 44mm carby (in storage, 48 IDA fitted)
    - Sports kit oil cooler (Mazda Factory Race) and oversize radiator
    - Factory fitted 5sp (first seen in Aus in Rx5)
    - 4.1 Mazdaspeed LSD
    - Factory fitted Smiths oil pressure guage
    - Large 'Race' fuel pump
    - Factory 260 kph speedo :shock:

    Other items of interest:
    - Original 38,xxx klm's on clock
    - Original interior (plastic still on doortrims)


    On the list to happen in the immediate future:
    - Custom coil over front struts with camber/castor tops and externally adjustable Koni's
    - Custom Koni Motorsports double adjustable rear coil overs - *both getting made next week*.
    - Paint my 13x7 Watanabe rims - next week (need original Mazda gunmetal grey paint code if anyone can help?)
    - Refit gearbox.
    - Remove original front and rear struts and store, then fit new.
    - Fit new fuel pump, fuel line, regulator and tacho - parts ordered from US.
    - Fit tyres (unsure yet, but looking at Kuhmo semi's in 215/50/13)
    - Fit suede Sparco steering wheel - have already


    Slightly longer term (before xmas)..
    - Volvo front brake conversion
    - Race seat(s) and harness
    - New 12A bridgeport engine underway.. look to fit it in new year. Will replace original engine which will be stored.
    - Paint engine bay when motor out
    - CR 5sp Rx5 type box (as what came out of car) - Needham, or Mazda if I can find!

    Long term (12 months)..
    - CR steering box
    - Bolt in cage
    - Pedal box

    Spirit of the car will be to Historic Group Nc regs, but with the freedoms in areas that the class does not allow. Car will be used mainly for track days, sprints and hillclimbs.
    An important note is that all mods to the car will be able to be undone, and the car converted back to its original spec without issue.

    I am planning on using this car for the purpose it left the Mazda factory chockers full of it's go fast bits for.. to be DRIVEN!!

    I will update pics as I go along.


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    Photos of some of the goodies I have so far..

    MFR water pump housing for new race engine (1.5kg :shock: ).

    Now painted Watanabe's in Mazda factory gunmetal colour with several coats of clear (another excellent job by MR_RX87)

    Struts.. before they are sent off for the business!!

    Some of the other parts I have waiting..

    Couple of more things ready to go..


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    More stuff...

    Some bits.. before they went to RestoreMaz for resto!

    Front struts!

    Race tyres fitted to rims

    Factory driving lights and guard mirrors.. back from Dave - just a brilliant job!


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    Hi Mate, that's a gorgeous coupe you've got there!!

    I just came in from the shed for a quick break while waiting for some filler to go off on my coupe and discovered this!!

    We have had a few 2 coupes pop up on here lately!!

    Good luck with your build, glad to see it will be driven as intended. Love how you are building it to be easily reversed. Good to see on such a rare example!!
    Well done. Keep up the good work


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    I LOOVE the RX2 Capellas! It's such a nicely resolved shape and I prefer it out of the early R-cars Gee, RestoreMaz does some good work...

    I'm super curious about the Mazda Sports Parts on your car'd they end up on your car?
    Hidden Content Originally Posted by datsunfreak
    No Kev, you are eating a duck fetus.

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    :shock: Thats a beautiful coupe you have there, a very nice clean example indeed! thanks for sharing. :tu:

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    Quote Originally Posted by kev
    I LOOVE the RX2 Capellas! It's such a nicely resolved shape and I prefer it out of the early R-cars Gee, RestoreMaz does some good work...

    I'm super curious about the Mazda Sports Parts on your car'd they end up on your car?
    From the factory, straight from the Sports Kit brochure :wink:

    This car is rare because it has all the factory go fast bits, but it never made it to the track!! I will post up pics of the engine..

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    For anyone who has never seen an early Mazdaspeed engine.. voila!! Note the inlet manifold porting, the lack of the 3 holes in the exhaust port and the integrated ultralite flywheel/counterweight.

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    Sweet. thanks for posting. Got the wats on the car yet?

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    Couldnt resist.. obviously the spring platforms will be wound down when the car gets its final setup, but it has the 'blackout' look I was trying to achieve

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