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Thread: 1980 Galant GS/R 2000 at 26-09-11 PAG 2 Stripes!!!!

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    1980 Galant GS/R 2000 at 26-09-11 PAG 2 Stripes!!!!

    Hi, my name itīs George and Iīm from Argentina.

    This is my 1980 Galant GSR ( here thatīs the name) I buy the car 6 years ago from an old man, the car was look than the first pics, but I start de reconstrution, and i have problems with de garage where i work, and the proyect is over :|

    The pics:

    PD: sorry about my english ops:





    Algunas de las piezas pintadas...

    La tapita hecha a nueva...

    The proyect



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    Love the paint work and detailing on the transmission! Brilliant!

    Hope you can finish the project :tu:

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    Buena suerte un su proyecto seņor! :tu:

    I hope I said it right hehe :wink:

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    If you put the same work and care into the rest of the project that you did inot painting and detailing the engine and trans, I think we are going to have quite a car here! Looks good so far!

    Plus I love the first-gen Camaro style stripes in the concept drawings!!! (even though theres a small block Ford in the drawing! :x )

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    Man that thing is looking hot! I wish one would pop up locally.

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    Wow. That's really cool! :tu: Love the concept drawings too.

    How did you mount the bumpers to fit flush with the body? Can you please post additional photos of the carbs? I'd like to see how you did the throttle linkage.

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    ŋDónde Estás George?

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    Hey George,

    Where've you been. Please proceed you project. I love to see the concept you prepared... It would be lovely to see it real..

    Do browse by thread as well... We have the same interest actually! I'd like to se more pictures of yours.. Come back and please start posting okay!

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    Hey, Here I am :mrgreen:.

    I dont have too much pics, but de car its start!!!.

    I need to repair: the starter engine, the radiator, build a new exhaust, and rebuild de electric sistem.

    I restore de front, and buy a new steering wheel.

    the pics

    The interior

    And Chops :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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    always lobed the scorpions.... (what they're called here) i've built so many tough motor's for them in my time.... really good cars... lots of fun

    i still have heaps of motor parts for them laying round somewhere

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