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Thread: New member -- 89 Supra

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    New member -- 89 Supra

    Hello, I'm Marco and I have an 89 Supra. It's not quite old enough to be a classic yet but I hope it will be someday!

    I started out buying a N/A Supra from a gentleman in Georgia (who also had a drag-built Starlet and a 77 Celica liftback he refused to sell) with a blown head gasket with the intention of swapping in a 7M-GTE and it kind of all snowballed and I ended up with what I've got now.

    The original clunker

    During the "quick engine swap"

    Then I drove it around a while like this with 270 rwhp/ 280 rwtq on stock turbo

    And then I had a bit of a wreck...

    So I got a new shell for $600 that was all one color! (sorta)

    Then the 7M rod knocked and I rebuild it for moh powah

    And it's been pretty good to me ever since!

    Ian's (ignite soul) wonderful photos, one of which helped get my car into the SupraMania calendar for 2010

    Oh yeah, the current mod list stands something like this (I can't ever remember it all)

    Rebuilt engine, .020 over
    K&N intake
    3" divorced downpipe
    3" test pipe
    RS-R GTII exhaust (jdm tyte yo)
    FMIC/2.5" hardpipes

    HKS EVC II electronic boost controller @ ~12 psi

    Aeromotive AFPR/ -6 AN fuel lines
    Walbro 255 lph fuel pump

    ACT HD 6-puck clutch

    RS-R race springs
    Bilstein shocks

    ...and a bunch of other little things. When I get some money I want to convert to a MAP system, upgrade the turbo, etc. I also want some coilovers and awesome wheels but again money is quite a limiting factor.

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    Wheels first

    Actually, just powdercoating the sawblades gloss black would make the car pop, but that's money that could be put toward new wheels

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    Nice build.

    The redness int he engine bay kinda kills it for me, but you did a great job.

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    Nice. I like seeing the MK3 Supras here!
    Either of you guys on supramania? I think I recall seeing you there penguin, as the engine bay on your supra looks familiar.

    Here's mine:

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