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Thread: Random Corona fuel problem

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    Random Corona fuel problem

    today fuel leaked out of my corona

    this is unusual because I've done 20km since I've fueled up the tank and its leaking out of the filler like its overfull.

    there seems to be some sort of air pocket pushing the fuel out?

    this has happened twice before randomly in the past but its just corected itself.

    Has anyone had this happen to them in the past?
    Any ideas of how i could remedy this?

    fuel is expensive and its not pleasant coming out of work to a puddle of fuel.

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    Sounds like you've got a partiatlally blocked passage to your tank from the filler. I'd pull out the filler and clean it out and go from there, may be further past that in the tank?

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    ive got this issue with my 76 as well. my issue is that i take corners too fast and it tends to leak out the side. be warned this will eventually kill your paint job.

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