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Thread: My RA21

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    My RA21

    Great pics from Dino at Joel from Toysport told me..."this car is perfect"...what can I say?

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    Re: My RA21

    That's YOUR car?!


    Just read that article the other day. What a terrific car. That is the sort of car someone like me day dreams about

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    Re: My RA21

    Quite simply stunning! 8)
    Well done on resisting to go wide flares and all. Nice sobre and clean look which still has plenty of attitude...

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    Re: My RA21

    Thanks totally is a dream car! I built a RA20, black, in the 80s during the first wave of the Japan import scene...kept her 10 years and had regrets ever since. I was lucky to have a wife who agreed that the Celica was our fave car outta all my projects, so I got the green light. It is sorta the mid-life crisis thing, but I wanted the 'best' Celica, so I sought out and met Joel from Toysport. With my note pad master list, we went over everything I original budget doubled! But when you're surrounded by Celicas, motors and parts galore...I knew I was talking to the right guy, in the right I had seen the killer blue liftback he built for a friend here. They took it from a bare, rust free this. I hunted about a year for those rims....stoked to have those. Waiting on GT body stripes, then I'll be happy...she's a blast to drive, turns heads everywhere...I'm a lucky bastid.

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    Re: My RA21

    Amazing car, ironically my front markers are also shaved on my Ra21, so when you come across a set of GT stripes without the marker light cutout, please let me know. lol

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    Re: My RA21

    Yeah, with the corner lights wrapping around, don't need that side marker. Will keep ya posted on those stripes.

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