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Thread: I got to drive my old RX-7 one more time.

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    I got to drive my old RX-7 one more time.

    Today, on just a whim I decided to go and visit the current owner of my old 1980 RX-7. We talked for a bit about the car and what's been restored, fixed, and changed...then he handed me the keys and I took her for a spin around the neighborhood solo. This absolutely made my day. Makes me happy to know that there are car guys out there that understand how much a car can still mean to someone even 6 months after the sale.

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    Re: I got to drive my old RX-7 one more time.

    I dropped by the residence of my RX-7's original owner (he bought it new in 78) on a whim last year while in the area one day. He had no idea I was coming, and I wasn't even sure I remembered where he lived after 8 years, but sure enough I found it. He was out in his shed working on some stuff, when I pulled into the dirt driveway. He poked his head out, and bewildered asked if that was his old RX-7. I said it sure is,and I haven't changed much since I got from you. He was blown away, and very happy I dropped by, even unannounced. I think I made his day, if not his whole weekend. It felt good showing I hadn't ruined "his" car.

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