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Thread: Banded or Diamond Racing Steelies

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    Banded or Diamond Racing Steelies

    Which would you choose? I looked at our local classifieds and saw someone selling 13x8 diamond racing steelies for more or less $550 (bnew) and saw another selling banded stock steelies (13x7.5f / 13X8.5r, obviously used) for $270. I'm not going for the stance/hellaflush look but for the meaty tire 1960's - 70's American stock car look. I want to buy the banded one's since their cheaper but I'm worried about their reliability. Has anyone seen a banded steelie fail?. I know the Diamond Racing steelies are made for racing and would be much more reliable plus I can achieve the stock car look more closely since the 13x8 isn't pure negative offset (i think) it would also have some added backspacing.

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    Re: Banded or Diamond Racing Steelies

    I'd go with the Diamonds. :tu:

    But safety would be my main concern.

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    Re: Banded or Diamond Racing Steelies

    Diamonds it is then, hehe.

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