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Thread: 1975 cb750 wowza

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    1975 cb750 wowza

    After selling my C400f last year the riding bug bit me again. Even though the cb400f was indeed a fun bike i wanted something with some more hoomph. I have been on CL overtime since January trying to find a CB750 but i had only 2 options a really pricey original one or something hacked up and too custom for my taste. Well Sunday was my lucky day and i found one for a great price. I did not wait a one minute called my buddy since he has a truck and headed our way to West of Madison. The polite man was the original owner he bought it brand new in 1975 and took very good care of it. The windjammer was installed at the dealer he bought it from and so was the seat. Sadly he did not have the stock 4 into 4 muffler. I just removed the windjammer and redid the wires for the blinkers and headlights to bad i have to order the stock headlights since the one on the wind jammer does not fit. I just ordered a stock reproduction seat since that seat is all kinds of yuck. Plans are to keep it original since its very good shape and it would be a shame to custom the bike to my liking.
    on my way back

    First night in the garage

    Removed the fairing and back rest and relocated the ign switch to the original location cant wait for my Seat to come in.

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    Re: 1975 cb750 wowza

    Didn't I see that on one of the Honda pages on F/Book? good looking score! ( I play with CB750's also)

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    Re: 1975 cb750 wowza

    I'm not really much into bikes to be honest, but if I was ever to go down that road, this would beyond any doubt be my choice! Super cool... 8) :tu:

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    Re: 1975 cb750 wowza

    Always liked these !

    One of the highlights, good luck finding one :
    Quote Originally Posted by pancho y onions
    stock 4 into 4 muffler.]

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