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Thread: looking for these types of wheels

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    looking for these types of wheels

    ok guys im looking to import from japan a set of dishy alloy wheels I want either a set of these Bilbo's

    or a set of these devil racing shadows

    can somebody post some links to garages in japan that would sell these dished wheels thanks

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    Re: looking for these types of wheels

    I'm not sure about the Bilbo's, but you're going to play Hell and a half trying to a track down a pair of those Devil Shadows. Those are some of the most sought after wheels on the planet, and most who have them will NOT part with them for any amount of money. A few suggestions where you might be able to track some similar:

    JDM Wheels - An Australian vendor that deals in classic Japanese wheels. Good prices.

    Backwheels Bitches - A Malaysian group of enthusiasts that often times sells some pretty rare wheels.

    If I find any other possible retailers that I have on the burner, I'll update and let you know. Good luck, man!

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    Re: looking for these types of wheels

    Your best bet will be to check on Yahoo and UP Garage. I've written a guide on how to use that if you didn't know already -

    We had a set of those Devils in our last container come over.. so nice! Of course customer will not part with them.. but if you find something on Yahoo or UP Garage get in touch we can help to get it to you

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    Re: looking for these types of wheels

    A man after my own heart!

    I got my Bilbo wheels from Retro Wheels in Indonesia...

    I found the Shadow Spoke wheels on Yahoo Japan Auctions.

    Good luck!

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