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Thread: RX-2 clutch pedal trick.

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    RX-2 clutch pedal trick.

    I was working on my pedals on the M30 in preperation for the 5 speed and had a flashback to 1982 and a mazda RX-2 that started life as an automatic.

    I put a 13-b from my RX-5 cosmo into it and I needed pedals to work with the 5 speed.

    Brake pedal was easy....cut it off and just leaned in while kneeling and bent it over toward the accelerator pedal.

    I had a clutch pedal but no bracket and the donor car was gone!!

    While cleaning up, I slid one of the internally threaded engine dowel tubes into the clutch pedal end and found it fit perfectly into the bushing.

    Upon examination of the pedal set, I decided to just remove the nut for the brake pedal pivot bolt and screw the dowel pin over it and use the dowel as the nut.

    Then the clutch pedal slid on and I clamped a mini vise grip to keep it from sliding sideways and off the dowel.

    Drove it for 4 years that way without a problem.

    I also knew where a mini vise grip was in case I needed one.

    Just figured I would share what might help get a car onto the road temporarily (or permanently) rather that let it sit for want of parts.

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    For my RX4 I used pedals out of a ford courier. Same exact pedal. Just left the cage in the car and only pulled out the bolt that mounted them and shims as well as brake and clutch pedal. Very simple conversion.

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