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Thread: Mazda 626 1980

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    Mazda 626 1980


    My name is Guido, 24, I'm from the Netherlands and I've recently bought my second Mazda. I've had a 1979 323 but it was rather rusty so i've sold it to someone who would restore it. Besides Mazda I've also owned a 1981 Suzuki Alto (hatch800) and a 1983 Datsun-Nissan Micra. My daily is a Subaru Impreza Turbo. So nothing else than japanese for me.

    The Mazda:
    It's a mach-green (original factory color) 1980 626 hardtop (as said on papers) with a 1.6L engine. It has some spots, little bit of rust on one of the arches but I'm getting that done soon. Also the boot is off color and damaged, but i have a new one to get installed soon :mrgreen: Interior is really clean, only some minor damage on the front seats from getting in and out.


    Older pic with my old 323

    Interior pic:


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    Re: Mazda 626 1980

    Nice rides.

    Love the 626 coupe. I love the 1600 front. I wonder how many 1600 626s
    were sold world wide?

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    Re: Mazda 626 1980

    Wow, that's one magnificent Mazda! Like the color. Mooi groen is niet lelijk ;-)

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    Re: Mazda 626 1980

    WAUW...!! :shock:
    Pillarless coupe, manual trans and bright green.
    What's not to love...?? :wink:
    Looks great mate! I'd just add a set of alloys from a 1st series RX-7 sa22, and leave everything else as is. Would make her perfect in my eyes...

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    Re: Mazda 626 1980

    Very nice :tu:

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    Re: Mazda 626 1980

    Very nice car...

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