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Thread: Gene's carb question's thread.

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    Gene's carb question's thread.

    Edited the title of the thread, didn't want to create a new one when I already have this one. And since my new "inquiry" is also regarding a carb, I decided to change this to a running "carb question thread". So here it goes...

    [I was rummaging through a pile of stuff in our ancestral house and saw a pair of SU carbs that need (a lot) of TLC. I plan on keeping and cleaning them and having the carbs displayed along with my diecast collection (i have a fascination with carbs, I find them very nostalgic). But i was wondering if they we're any good versus the stock Aisan carb on my Toyota 12R. If yes I'd probably find a source for a repair kit and use them, if not I'd just have them externally cleaned and have the rebuilt in the future.] <--- I'm gonna keep this here in case someone can answer.

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    Re: Gene's carb question's thread.

    A rather St*pid question, can a non functioning accelerator pump cause an engine to backfire through the carb? I know it can cause it to stumble when you suddenly go WOT, but backfiring?.

    note: its not a backfire as in a "fireball above the carb" per say, just a loud popping (really loud). Also checked timing and its ok.

    TIA 8)

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