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Thread: s30 strut setup

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    s30 strut setup

    I have a 76 280z with a 3.1L stroker with triple 45mm. I'm buying techno toy's ground control coil springs trying to figure out what struts to run but I can really only find KYB's and k sport coilover. I was planning on running koni yellows but cant find them.

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    Re: s30 strut setup

    On the T3 website it says that's their coilover conversion is supplied with Koni dampers. I haven't been able to find where to purchase just the Koni dampers either, maybe you could contact them and see what their source is? Koni's website doesn't list them either.

    Other than that it seems like Tokico Illuminas are a popular strut upgrade for Zs. They are readily available through the Zstore.

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    Re: s30 strut setup

    You should probably also know that early 240Zs have a smaller ID strut housing that 280Z which makes it difficult to find struts for.

    Most people looking to put some kind of coilover on an S30 go with the 280Z struts because of its bigger ID.
    Suspension geometry / hubs / ball joints /brakes are interchangeable btw between 240Z and 280Z


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