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Thread: Left hand drive S30 headers

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    Left hand drive S30 headers

    Title pretty much says it all. Just a post of some of the headers I have for the LHD S30 cars (240z, 260Z and 280Z).

    First is the always popular till it was discontinued Nissan Motorsports header. This is the 99996-E1143 part. It's been one of the two designs that racers and others drool about finishing off their engines with.

    They always fit good. Good build quality. Fairly light considering it's size. Little bit of a pain slipping an exhaust system on them because of the way the collectors are positioned. And you can bolt on a stock set of SU's with these. Always a big plus.

    Next is the Kamaeri Engine Works header. Much more rare of a piece compared to most headers for the LHD cars. Has 45mm diameter primaries. Has equal length pipes in every way imaginable. It's stainless steel that has Swain Tech ceramic coating.

    Pictured in the car.

    A nice fitting header. Can be installed and removed without pulling the engine. Very nice welds even though you can't see them. Has sections of pipe welded together to make the primary tubes. Merge style collectors. Much heavier than the Motorsports header, didn't weigh it, but maybe 10-15# more. Nice collector flange and location makes is easier to fab up an exhaust. Or you can get a FUJITSUBO Legalis R Exhaust System. This header will not work with factory SU's. Plus is that you can easily get them in the States if you're willing to open your wallet.

    Third is the Yasushi Shimodaira header. Again this is a 45mm diameter primary. Equal length on the primary tubes. But, not on the collectors. Has slip style merge collectors. Stainless construction. The primaries are a single piece that has been heated and formed. Very high quality throughout. Even higher quality than the Kameari.

    Probably the heaviest of the three in the list. Rumor has it that you can get this header in 42, 45 or 48mm primary diameters. And either 50 or 60mm collector diameter. The one in the picture has 60mm collectors.

    Has the "standard" Japanese collector flange location so you can use any of the exhaust systems from Japan. Or you can choose to build your own. Again, with these you can not use SU carbs. And though I don't have a factory injection manifold. I was told that you need triples to use this header because of clearance issues. A slight plus side is that it is slightly cheaper to obtain than the Kameari. A negative, is that it is more difficult to obtain if you live outside of Japan.

    Here is a picture with all three.

    Now go clean the drool off your computer.

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    Re: Left hand drive S30 headers

    WOW!!! Enough said.

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    Re: Left hand drive S30 headers

    Cool. A set of the Yasushi Shimodairas came on my Hakosuka and I was always wondering who made em.

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