Hey all, popping in to introduce myself.

I'm Tim from the Adelaide Hills in South Australia. Love the idea of this forum because i never see modern cars that interest me anymore. Japanese classics are the only way!

I have a 1988 R31 Skyline Ti. It is an Australian build model. Originally an RB30e engine, naturally aspirated with an automatic transmission. (Ti is the luxury model, they only ever came out automatic) Electric windows, cruise control, trip computer, electric aerial, crushed velour interior, chrome trimmings etc.

It is my second R31 Skyline and has inherited some of the better parts off my old one. I have now had it roughly 12 months.

It is currently turbocharged with an 5 speed transmission from an R33 Skyline, Emotion coilovers, Limited slip diff, HR31 front hubs/brakes, BBS RS wheels...more i can't think of off the top of my head.

I will start a build thread when I have a bit more time to familiarise myself with the site and dig up some photos for a write up.

Just a teaser...