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Thread: Starlet Ep70 Build thread

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    Starlet Ep70 Build thread

    Here's a description and pics of the latest Toyota I bought.
    The plans, for now, is:

    4efe engine mounted with a turbo and intercooler
    Clean enginebay
    Bottom of the car is going to be cleaned for rubber seals and painted with epoxy
    All arms, struts and bars will be painted
    Powerflex bushings
    BC racing coilovers front and rear
    Anti-roll bar from an Ep91 in the front - Or from whiteline, not decided yet
    And I will try to make some carbon parts myself
    I hope the weight will be 700kg or under
    The rims are not decided yet, neither engine parts or turbo as I just bought the car.

    When I'm done in a couple of years, I hope it's gonna be a 12 second street headturner

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    Re: Starlet Ep70 Build thread

    On the way home on a trailer. The car was stripped when i bought it, pre owner was planning a makeover of the car but got stuck in it. Children and wifes sometimes stops the fun stuff

    When i got it home, I took all the parts out to see if there's anything missing, and got the car placed on some stands to have a look underneath.
    Every bolt and nut is in a bag with names on, so it can be placed at the right hole again.

    One of the previous owners filled the car with ICE and dynamat, damn heavy and as the rear seats and mats doesn't get their way into the car again, it has to be removed. the weight is between 8 and 10 kg.

    Started on the bottom to get the rubber away, what a time consuming job! Here the front whelhouse I think it's called?

    When we had to do the bottom of the car, lying on the back with an anglegrinder was a pain in the ass, so we bought a lift to flip it on to the side. Much easier to do the work.

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    Re: Starlet Ep70 Build thread

    Now, approx. 50 hours after, the bottom is almost done, I don't think I ever do this again.
    But it looks good, looking forward to get the minimal of rust away and get some paint on it. The plan for now is skyline sparkling silver, but don't know if it's gonna be changed. The bottom will be painted in June, as I have to go on an internship as a part of my education in the UK.

    As you can see, there is almost no rust in the car. It's impressive due to the age of 28 years.

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    Re: Starlet Ep70 Build thread

    Now that's dedication :tu:

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    Re: Starlet Ep70 Build thread

    Thanks, at least i'm trying It's good to use some time saving the old ladies, there's not so many of them left.

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    Re: Starlet Ep70 Build thread

    Here's the engine i'm gonna blow up with huge amounts of compressed air
    The setup will be:

    H-profile rods
    Forged pistons (Wiseco is on the wishlist)
    WEPR exhaust manifold
    Td04L or TD05 turbo (from a subaru forester 2,5 XTI)
    Lightened flywheel
    Custom cams
    Ported and flowed head
    polished valves
    Maybe custom plenum with 70mm throttlebody
    AN fittings for fuel and oil breathing with custom hidden catch tank

    My big dream is to get rid of the distributor and get some MSD coils for wasted spark, but then I need to customize a trigger wheel and add a cranksensor to get the trigger to the coils, quite a big investment just to remove the ugly black clumsy thing on the right, but we'll see what happens.

    Off course painted and polished outside for the last 5+ eye horsepower

    And the gearbox is this one. There's a lot of different trannies for this engine, and I don't know which type this is. would like to get the big one, and then fit the rings and LSD from a supercharger box, but I don't know which year they are produced, so if anybody can help me with that, I'm all ears

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    Re: Starlet Ep70 Build thread

    Definitely looking forward to seeing how this progresses.

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    Re: Starlet Ep70 Build thread

    Quote Originally Posted by ToyoDiy
    Painted and polished outside for the last 5+ eye horsepower
    Very nice. I am looking forward to pics of that eye horsepower. Sounds like a cool build.

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    Re: Starlet Ep70 Build thread

    Finally someone who wants to rebuild an ep71 on jnc. Good job! I own one too but unfortunately have to sell it...

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    Re: Starlet Ep70 Build thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Skellington
    Very nice. I am looking forward to pics of that eye horsepower.
    Yea, I'm excited about how it's gonna look when i'm done, 'cause the enginebay is where I will use the most of my time.

    Toyohead: I was wondering too why there isn't any builds in here, apparently it's not a popular car like the 86 or an old Celica. But with at least as much potential as it's bigger brothers!

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