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Thread: New guy from Scandinavia

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    New guy from Scandinavia

    Hi all.
    I just joined the site to post a project I'm working on from time to time. Also got a lot of questions, so thought some of you might know more about old Toyotas than I do!
    My project car is an '86 Toyota starlet, all stripped down with bucket seats and a turbo engine with quite good potential. All things on the car is either gonna be replaced or renewed, also underneath.

    First question: How do I attach pictures to a subject like this? I got them on my computer, but I can't figure out how to move them to here, so you can see them.
    PS. I think I need a step-by-step description to figure it out :?

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    Re: New guy from Denmark

    Think I got it now, let's try:

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    Re: New guy from Scandinavia

    Hej ToyoDiy,

    Velkommen til forumet! Godt at se endnu en dansker herinde... :wink:

    Neat little Starlet.
    I used to have red one exactly like yours as a daily around 2002/2003.
    They're getting rare nowadays though. Guess rust ate most of them up in Denmark.
    Start a thread under Toyota Garage and let us know what your future plans are for this little Starlet... :tu:

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    Re: New guy from Scandinavia

    Ja, det er en god side den her
    Bor du i Hong Kong til daglig?

    Yeah, it's a funny lilltle car, I had one before too as a daily, think it was 2010 or so.
    This one is an import, so it has almost no rust. I think about 1,5 hours with a welder and it's completely gone.
    I made a thread called "Starlet ep70 build thread", there is some pics of the process. Quite a job, but I got all the time I need

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